Welcome to Phoenix Fireworks

OUR SHOP is open for collections Saturdays 10-12 noon, all working week or for NYE call and make arrangements with us 07976 906296 or 01732 822788 as Vodafone have reduced our service to nearly nothing

Now fully stocked with DIY product

We are a UK firework company that offer exciting, memorable and special displays for: November 5th, July 4th, festivals, council events, corporate events and parties which all end in a grand finale that will make the event completely unforgettable.

We are one of the first companies that brought outdoor musical concerts (pyromusicals and “parties in the park”) synchronised to fireworks to the UK.

Innovative, colourful and well-designed displays with ground shaking impact using the latest firework technology across the UK, with over 40 years safety record.

Phoenix do fireworks for weddings that are selected for their colour, beauty and animation to transform a wedding into a very special event. The displays can be tailored to suit different budgets and themes.

We also provide support for film set advertising work for elaborate multi-firing sequences of explosives.


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